Math = Love: Changes are Coming


I’ve already made the announcement on both Facebook and Twitter, but I realize that many of you may have missed it or may not follow me on those forms of social media. So, I guess it’s time to make the big announcement here.

After six years at Drumright High School, I have turned in my keys and said some tearful
good byes. I will be returning to my hometown of Coweta, Oklahoma to teach Algebra 2, Pre-AP Algebra 2, and
Pre-Calc at Coweta High School in the fall. I will miss teaching at the school that made me a
teacher, but I’m excited to return to the school I graduated from as a teacher.

After teaching almost entirely ninth graders for the past couple of years, I’m excited about the switch to teaching upper level math courses. Of course, I’m also a bit terrified because the number of resources I have for these classes pale in comparison to the number of resources I have built up for Algebra 1. Yes, this will be the first time ever in my teaching career that I won’t be teaching Algebra 1. I’m a bit sad, but I’m hoping I can learn to love Algebra 2 just as much. If you have any advice/resources for Algebra 2/Pre-Calc, I’d love for you to send it my way!

For those of you not familiar with the geography of northeastern Oklahoma, Drumright and Coweta are about an hour apart. My husband has already announced that he will be attending grad school in the fall at the University of Tulsa to earn his masters in Applied Mathematics. Given that he will be attending school in Tulsa and I will be teaching in Coweta, this means that our big project for this summer is to MOVE! Though I’ve got great plans to blog about everything this summer, that may or may not end up happening with the upcoming move and related craziness. 

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