Math = Love: Monday Must Reads: Volume 43


It’s Monday. It’s the first full week of summer vacation. And given the fact that I know what classes I will be teaching next year (Algebra 2, Pre-AP Algebra 2, and Pre-Calculus/Trig), I am in a full-on search for ideas for next year! I’ve previously taught both Algebra 2 and Trig, so I’m mainly on the lookout for Pre-Calc ideas. So, if you think that this post has more pre-calc resources than usual, then you’re definitely right.

I hope you enjoy this look at this week’s “must read” posts on twitter.

Vincent Pantaloni highlights some mathematics found on a Swiss bank note. How cool!

Ed Southall shares yet another awesome geometric puzzle. John Rowe shares a brilliant lesson based on videos of Russian Egg Roulette.
Teaching binary? This video of a mechanical binary counter (shared by Massimo) is amazing.Aline Bègue-Crézé shares some awesome interactive displays involving symmetry.
I also love this self-checking activity shared by Aline. Each student in the pair gets a set of problems to solve. They must color their spiral based on their answers. When both students finish, their colored designs will match perfectly if no mistakes have been made. Aline continues to inspire with this activity where seven poor parallelograms were brutally murdered. Students must collect clues to find the identity of the murderers. Jennifer Fairbanks brings out the creativity in her students by including a test question that asks students to make a picture out of a squiggle.Paul Jorgens masterfully combines Fawn‘s classic Vroom Vroom lesson with the power of Desmos.Paul also demonstrates the power of Desmos when combined with a WODB.David Sladkey shares a great image of the zero product property in the wild.
Additionally, David‘s use of progression tables for graphing quadratics is brilliant.
This clothes pin factoring activity from Ms. Wilton looks fab!Ms. Kaub shares a lovely bulletin board that covers the history of math.
Need a creative way to motivate solving literal equations? Check out this name project from Ms. Kaub.Nick Corrado uses popsicle sticks to create hands-on geometric proofs.
How awesome are these AP Statistics murals in the classroom of Andrew Rosenbloom?!?
I’ve never played Words with Friends before, but I like the idea of using your name’s score as part of a regression project. Check out this idea from Andrew Rosenbloom!
Want to infuse some poetry into your math classroom? How about trying some Fibonacci poems like Megan A. Uken did?
I love this error finding task involving the unit circle from Ms. K!Kerri Homan inspires with a math-themed Christmas craft. It’s never too early to start thinking about how you will celebrate this year!
This activity from MrsG looks like a lot of fun for trig students. Will your students save the Unit Circle? Mrs. Stelzer shares some impressive student work. Wow. Just wow.Scott Block inspires with this project where students tell their stories using vectors.
This vector racing activity (part of a larger BC Calculus Olympics) from Linda Schmidt looks awesome.
Chop sticks and post-it notes in math class? Check out this calculus lesson from Maria Hernandez!Valerie Capps encourages students to reflect on what they have learned about the unit circle by having them write haikus.
Another inspiring idea from Valerie: students design a nameplate or name sign for teachers in the school. Each letter of their last name is represented by an equation that equals that letter. Each student is assigned a different teacher. From reading some other tweets, it appears that this has become a tradition that is looked forward to every year. One counselor at the school tweeted that she had waited 3 years to receive her sign! Ms. Peterson combines art with parent functions for a fun day in class before break.Mr. Guzik shares a real-world application of trigonometric graphs.Steve Mancuso shares the results of a fun-looking probability project.
I love this paper-based lesson on exponential functions from Darcie.Divya Kaushal‘s students went all-out with this solid of revolution project.
I also love how Divya had students write Thanksgiving themed related rates problems!Lynn Kazda shares a simple way to put a smile on students’ faces on test day!
I’ve done a 2-D version of this lesson with towers drawn on paper, but I love the idea of illustrating mean as an equal stacking with 3-D manipulatives. Thanks Mrs. Freeland for sharing the awesome idea!
Love looking at how the students of Jolene Shotwell brought quadratic equations to life!
These calculus volume projects by the students of Meghan Arnold are gorgeous!
This survival of the fittest activity from Pamela J Burleson looks interesting!
Also from Pamela, check out this awesome visual for exponential functions.Rebecca Swanson demonstrates that writing belongs in more than just English class.
Check out this mini learning gallery from the classroom of Rebecca Swanson.Nellie Dawson demonstrates the power of puns in the classroom.
I love Ms. R‘s idea of making pi necklaces on Pi Day!
Have your students learned how to give an asymptote high five? Check out this video from SHS Math Department!Aran Glancy shares a math-ified photo of Minneapolis.Damion Beth shares some awesome locker signs to pump students up for AP Stats testing.Angie Daughtrey shares a creative student project that will have you bursting into song.Tammy Casey showcases some beautiful string art.
Every year, Mary Williams amazes me with her themed review days for state testing.Kristen Fouss shares a quick and easy way to gather end-of-year feedback.Lisa Richardson has got me thinking that I need to start planning outfits around activities in class.  Of course, I don’t know if I could compete with this adorable activity! Deb Bulin inspires with a geometry project involving kite flying.Jae Ess shares a beautiful slope display created by her students.Sophie Kasahara has students create posters to wrap up their week of inspirational math. Love the reminder that these posters will serve to students!
I’m not entirely sure what’s going on, but this activity from Beatriz Nino has me mesmerized.Nicole Ayers has students interact with some real-world (and very depressing) data.Howie Hua shares some sage teacher wisdom.Ryan White shares a simple but effective probability warm-up.Paul Smith shares a creative set of volume problems.Stephanie MacKay makes sure you know you’re entering a math classroom right away. Love it!
I am continually amazed at what students come up with when assigned a Wheel of Theodorus (or Spiral of Pythagoras) project. Check out this work from the students of Martin Joyce!Wendy Bartlett shows the application of quadratics in relation to golf.Christopher Klerkx shares some student work that will make you think!
I love this beautiful math goals display from Renee Chipman! Tina McNally shares a Teacher Appreciation idea that is both cute and heartfelt. Maybe I will have my students make bouquets for each teacher next year? Hmmm…Julia Anker‘s combination of tracing paper and the unit circle is pure brilliance.
Props in math class make any lesson better. Check out cLarsen‘s use of her daughter’s clothes to illustrate combinations.Annie Giercyk shares a creative way to practice finding the area of a trapezoid.
Happen to be teaching the surface area of cones on wacky hair day? Then, Roy Tomlinson has an idea for you!
Not so lucky to have those two very specific events collide? Here’s another lesson idea from Roy that can be used any day. Do you think that you could tell the difference between a brown M&M and a colored M&M without looking?Patrick Flynn shares a great notice/wonder image for properties of logs.
This fractional exponents/radicals exploration activity from Mark Kaercher is truly a beautifully structured lesson.
Are your seniors contemplating a prank? Have them do the math to find the cost! LOVE this idea from Stephen Dull!
Working with parallel and perpendicular lines? Prof Maths suggests having your students make some Mondrian artwork.James Edstrom helps students keep their parent functions separated in their minds by creating a family album of sorts.James also shows that Play Doh has a place in the secondary classroom.Carolyn Lantos shares a Thanksgiving-themed system of inequalities.Laura Frcka shares a new-to-me idea for Pi Day: pin the radius on the circle.Marianna Jennings shares a Valentine’s STEM project.Peg Cagle shares an exploration involving Zometool (affiliate link).
I continue to be amazed by the development of this space-filling project by David Butler.
Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas!

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