Math = Love: Monday Must Reads: Volume 42


I can’t believe that the last Monday of the school year is finally here. We have semester tests today and tomorrow followed by a professional day on Wednesday. Then, the 2017-2018 school year is officially OVER! This means I can finally start thinking about ideas for the classes I’ll be teaching next year: Algebra 2 and Pre-Calculus! So, if you have any great ideas for teaching those two classes, send them my way!

Here’s my round-up of must-reads from the past week of Twitter.

Megan Hayes-Golding impresses with a 3-D printed roller coaster. I really wish my school had 3-D printing capabilities.

James Cleveland shares a image that will boggle your brain.
I’m not entirely sure what a hyperbolic quadric is, but David Butler‘s creation of one from fishing line is super impressive!Jae Ess shares some great strategies to get students engaged in self-reflection.Amber Longhi shares a great starter for completing the square.Angie Daughtrey‘s idea of creating an art gallery with her AP Calculus students is brilliant!Mark Kaercher shares some more 3-D printed awesomeness with step by step directions.
Check out these drawings from the students of Gary Chu!
Check out these polar/parametric mazes from the students of Kim Spek.
Also from Kim, check out how she used parametric equations for a beautiful sewing project!Molly Hamilton‘s idea of using clipboards for posting the 5-4-3-2-1 Challenge is brilliant. This lets her change out the answer sheets between classes. LOVE it!Michelle Pavlovsky shares an auction she created for proportional relationships.Tall Tal shares a great probability prompt.Ed Southall shares an image to make you and your students go hmmm…Jay Chow demonstrates how to make the best of an unfortunate situation.Kathy Henderson inspires with her use of puzzles to get students solving problems alongside their grandparents! Want to get your hands on these puzzles for your own classroom? You can download them all for free here.
Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas!

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