Math = Love: Seven Times Seventy


The blogger draft folder clean-up continues. Today, I want to share a super-quick activity that I put together for the 4th grade class that my husband and I teach together on Wednesday nights at church.

One Wednesday, the goal of the lesson we were teaching was the importance of forgiveness. We learned about the bible story where Jesus was asked how many times one should forgive another. Jesus answered that we should forgive another person seven times seventy times.

Being a math teacher, I turned this into an equation: 7 x 70 = 490. Then, I took each part of the equation and typed it up on a separate card.

After telling the students that we would be learning a bible story about a math equation, I passed out a bag of cards to each group. They were to race against each other to see which group could put the math equation together the fastest.

They had quite a bit more trouble with this activity than I expected. I may have over-estimated just how much fluency with multiplication they should have as 4th graders. Still, it was a fun way to introduce the bible lesson.

I’ve uploaded the file for this activity here.

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