Math = Love: Monday Must Reads: Volume 41


Happy Monday! It’s once again time to create a round-up of the most awesome tweets from the past week. These are my must-reads. I hope you find some inspiring ideas.

Cathy Yenca shares an awesome twitter find that she found via Blended Learning Math. You have to check out This website is chock-full of great images to use as starters or as images for a Stand and Talk.

Check out this awesome visual-based problem for elementary from Berkeley Everett.Mr. Hogg has created an awesome scavenger hunt that combines the properties of parabolas with the location of the next clue.Chase Orton shares an open middle problem that provides some much-needed practice with function notation.Greta Bergman inspires with her distributive property puzzles. Find out more by reading her blog post.Michelle Pavlovsky created an auction activity that focuses on whether expressions evaluate to positive or negative values. This looks awesome!Dan Meyer‘s Barbie Bungee video is a must-watch. Click through to the tweet to watch!Adela Alekic is an expert at transforming her classroom for different lessons. Her twitter account is super-inspiring. Be sure to check it out!
These notes from Jae Ess are one of the most adorable sets of INB pages I have ever seen!Jae Ess also shares a fun-looking function and rate of change review game.
I love this warm-up question from Lisa Bejarano.
I also have to share Lisa‘s WODB warm-up involving quadratics.Lisa Winer had the brilliant idea to post this inspiring quote from Sara Van Der Werf on her laptop.Lisa Richardson shares an awesome Clue-based lesson that addresses scale factor.
I love this data analysis question shared by Laurie Boswell.Mark Kaercher shares some tangrams made with Desmos. Very cool!Philip Smith shares some amazing student artwork.
Also, check out this string art inspired by Desmos.
I also love the idea of chalk cardioids.
I hope you’re not tired of seeing the awesome math-art created by Philip Smith‘s students because I must share one more photo so you can see the art that also lines the walls of his classroom.John Rowe shares a new open-middle problem for practicing slope.Heather Curl‘s use of manipulatives with visual patterns is inspiring.
How cool is is that Brian McBain has his students create composite figures with tape?
I also adore the fact that Brian McBain used a break-out box with his family for Easter.Kim Spek inspires with a maze-based Desmos project.

Sue Choi shares the idea of an interactive word wall. How awesome is this?!?Julie Morgan shares an anecdote from class. I absolutely love her response!Heidi Fessenden highlights an awesome question based on a very cool image of lobster rolls.Kathy Henderson shares more of the awesome tesselations her students created.Ms. Mac shares a single, powerful image for teaching rational exponents using a Stand & Talk.Andrea Pope brings real-world math into her classroom by having students calculate how much they could make per hour for filling out scholarship applications.Vincent Pantaloni is at it again with an interesting looking puzzle/game called Card-iac.

LC Dawson turns a picture of a vintage office set into a creative fraction task.  
Jeremy Hughes shares a fun solution to Quarter the Cross. Jeremy is a pre-service STEM teacher in Australia. I love that he is already on twitter! 
Tori Cox shares a way to incorporate the wonder and beauty of mathematics into your classroom. 
Catriona Shearer has blown my mind with how many different ways she represented the problem x^2 + 8x – 48 = 0. Wow. Just wow. 

Until next week, keep up the awesome sharing! 

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