Math = Love: Things Teenagers Say: Volume 55


It’s time to wrap up Things Teenagers Say for the year. It’s been a crazy year with lots of crazy things coming out of the mouths of my students. Hope you find at least one that makes you laugh!

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He doesn’t rap. He rhymes fast.

Student: Mrs. Carter!!! 

Me: What? 

Student: Do you believe in outer space? 

Me: Yes… 

I have the reflexes of a cat. That’s what my doctor told me.

Student 1: Nobody goes out to the hot Sahara Desert wearing flip flops. 

Student 2: Moses did! 

Student 1: Moses is dead, and global warming wasn’t a thing back then. 

Student: Can I ask you an adult question. 

Me: (worried) Sure. 

Student: How many stamps do I need to send a manila envelope in the mail? 

Me: (relieved) Let’s get out a scale and find out. 

If teachers got grades from students, I would give you a 96%. 

Student 1: So, who DO you like? 

Student 2: I don’t like anyone. Leave me alone. 

Student 1: So you’re going to die alone? 

Student 2: Yes, I’m going to die alone with my dog. 

Student: Is Mr. Carter sick? 

Me: No. 

Student: Is Mr. Carter dying? 

Me: No. 

Student: Is Mr. Carter pregnant? 

Me: No. 

If riding a bike is part of your personality, then you’re a really boring person. 

Me: What do you think surds stands for?

Student: Super Ultra Real Dudes Seriously

Mrs. Carter, you’re like the teacher that never goes away. You are always here.

You’re just a silly goose then, I guess.

If a kid came up to me and said ‘You look icky’ I would probably die from hurt feelings.

You should get a professor’s degree so everyone has to call you professor. 

I got a 4 (SBG Grading Scale) and I rock! My sticker says so!

Student 1: I think I’m getting a migraine. 

Student 2: Then go take a bath. That’s what helps migraines. 

Student 1: No. Pills help migraines. 

Does anybody have any baby lotion?

I’m sorry my parents gave me an almost common name.

I’d rather try and be wrong then not try and be right.

I use my context clues. I know my latin roots!

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