Math = Love: Monday Must Reads: Volume 40


Happy Monday! It would be a happier Monday if I hadn’t managed to come down with my third cold of the school year, but I am excited about the fact that after today there are only two Mondays left in the school year! As I do almost every Monday, here is a collection of my favorite finds on Twitter for the week. I’ve deemed these my “must reads.”

Vincent Pantaloni shares an awesome geometric, loop-making puzzle.

I love looking at the probability carnival games created by Megan Kleinkort‘s classes!Andrea inspires with some paper-based fractals.
I wish I could see the world through Simon Gregg‘s eyes. Check out this awesome WODB.Kathy Henderson shares a photo of some awesome tessellating gummy bears that a student found.
I should be teaching trig next year, so I’m excited to see these posters for proving trig identities from Mr. C. Martinez.Robert Teseo motivates probability with a fun activity involving m&ms.
Check out these Pascal’s triangles colored by Kristen Fouss‘ students in mod 5!
Smiley face stickers and zombies?!? Check out this awesome lesson from Rachael Gorsuch that simulates disease spread and the logistic function.Rick Barlow shares an inspiring classroom activity structure involving agree, disagree, unsure.Jackie Mariscal inspires with a fun game of spoons to master the unit circle.
I love when teachers share their favorite tasks/questions. Check out this systems of equations task from Tiffany McGuire.Michael Moore uses a spinner to motivate writing an equation of the line that goes through two points.
Until next week, keep sharing your awesome ideas! 

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