Effect of laser fluence, nanoparticle concentration and total energy input per cell on photoporation of cells


Fig. 1

Percentage of cells with intracellular uptake, non-viable cells (intact, PI+) and fragmented cells (i.e. cells loss) after 600 pulses of exposure to laser fluence ranging from 19 to 88 mJ/cm2 with CB nanoparticle concentrations of a) 0.05 mg/L, b) 0.12 mg/L, c) 0.39 mg/L, d) 3.1 mg/L, e) 5 mg/L, f) 10 mg/L, g) 15 mg/L, h) 20 mg/L, i) 25 mg/L, j) 100 mg/L, and k) 157 mg/L. Total bioeffects (i.e., the sum of uptake, non-viable and fragmented cells) are also shown by the dashed line. Data show average ± SD (n = 3).

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