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In talking about living in smaller spaces, people often ask, “what about the children”? True, downsizing into a smaller home or apartment is not for everyone, but it can be done: whether it’s a family of five in a tiny house, or even in a bus conversion, or in this apartment renovation by Taiwan’s HAO Design.

In this remodelling project for a family, the young child’s small room has been transformed into a playful space that incorporates all the necessary elements into a built-in, multipurpose unit. This unit has a bed, storage hidden in the stairs, storage hidden behind the shelves, which are actually mobile units that can roll out to reveal rods for hanging clothes, or even more shelves for books and the like.

Hey!Cheese Photography© Hey!Cheese Photography

To encourage play, an extra crawlspace has been added under the bed, which can be accessed via a door with a round window.

Hey!Cheese Photography© Hey!Cheese Photography

In addition, one full wall of the room has been covered with chalkboard paint, to allow full creativity to draw and doodle. Notice the addition of a pint-sized door — perfect for a child to push open — embedded right in the adult-sized door.

Hey!Cheese Photography© Hey!Cheese Photography

Despite the prevalent idea that one can’t live in a small apartment or tiny house with kids, many are choosing to do so, and many are thriving. For the most part, children can adapt well to smaller living spaces — especially if these are integrated with elements of playful fun and some thought put into features that encourage their development. Ultimately, the size of one’s home matters less than raising one’s children with lots of love. To see more, visit HAO Design.

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